Monday, May 5, 2008

Finishing the assignments, feedback

Now, that I am looking back at the OER course and everything I have done so far, I feel I want to start everything from the beginning and improve some of the work. Anyway, it's good I have a week more to add some things to the assignments. However, I will also visit the participants' blogs and leave comments there.

Having in mind the free culture issue, I went back to This time I added image sets, included images on the map and changed the licence to media commons. You can view them here.

I have also uploaded more images on wikimedia commons. I can finally add licences and categorize images. At the moment I am making a video tutorial with "wink" on how to upload images on media commons. I still have problems with the podcasts.

I went back to and practised the option to create learning resources, by adding media, multiple choice questions and open ended questions. I uploaded: instructions for a For-page brochures, presentation assessment, an ostrich chicks image.

The rest of the feedback, you can read on wikiversity's link: