Friday, April 11, 2008

Share Audios as Educational Resources Online

1. I installed audacity and LAME. (You won't need to install these two if you already have an audio recorder on your computer that produces MP3 files)
2. YouTube tutorial for this
3.Once you have the software installed the fun begins; you can find a number of audacity tutorials on YouTube
4. After creating a few MP3 podcasts you can upload them to some of the podcasting services like;
Odeo - I have difficulties here. I signed up with beta odeo, however I got a return message that they will notify me when beta odeo is ready to start working again

Switchpod I registered and uploaded my first switchpod here.
My RSS feed is:

5. We need to find some Open podcast hosting sites
read about podcasting
read about Vorbis Ogg, it is an important part of openness and sound files
read about the creative commons and their connection to audio. Consider using CC licensed music files in your OER.

Audacity and Podomatic (not a free one, after two weeks, they asked for money for the service they offer)
I managed to upload my first podcast on

It's in Macedonian language though. I read Hans comment on how to improve the quality of the audio files.

My RSS feed


Hans said...


your audio recording has a very low volume. There is a small trick that will make your audio sound louder.

Try to open that mp3 file in Audacity and follow these steps:
1) Choose "Edit > Select > All"
2) Choose "Effect > Normalize... > OK"

It will make your recording louder without degrading the sound quality. You can read more about audio normalization from Wikipedia.

Best regards,


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