Monday, April 21, 2008

Sharing Videos

There are several possibilities to make videos:

  1. The one above was made by a web cam. It's published on blip tv, because it supports Creative Commons licenses.
  2. It's not possible to upload videos, without converting them for wikiversity/ wikimedia. However, as Hans's video uploaded on Lemill shows, these videos may be used for creating free educational resources.
  3. The you tube video with the American President is a model how to put smaller clips together.
  4. Power Point Presentations can be uploaded at . This site supports Creative commons licenses. PPPresentations can either be added as links to websites, blogs and wikis or embeded. The google docs presentation are for collaborative work on presentations.
  5. However, WINK seems more proffesional, or something that I can't make yet. I installed the wink software. I read the tutorial and made the first small steps. Here is what it should do.
  6. , is a web tool which supports CC licences and subtitles in any language. When uploading avideo, the video uploader and producer decides who will have rights to caption and/ or translate it.
  7. I translated this video in Macedonian language.

I will probably upload a video, on this web site, although the Conversation Week, 2008 is over now. Upps...I have to check the CC licence for translation...


Isä said...

Good! Happy to see that you are online with the video! Nice to see that you are also thinking about the licenses.

- Teemu

Erkan Yilmaz said...

About embedding videos or presentations in wikimedia foundation wikis:

there are MediaWiki extension being developed which can be used hopefully in the future to:

*embed videos

*SlideShare presentations


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